Sir Appan Parsu K.R.

Sir Appan rose through the military ranks of the Falleen Federation's Naval forces before retiring and moving on to the Trade Federation to start over, as he felt that he'd been given roles above his usefulness. His experience in his former life as a private investigator, bounty hunter, mercenary and later Major and CO for Purple Dawn army has provided a perfect platform to work from. During his career in the FF Sir Appan has taken several sabbatical, during which it has been know that he has returned to his former life.

 Data Stream

Missing Sentient: Male Kel Dor, responds to the name of Danje Grillo.

Missing Sentient: Male Givin, responds to the name of James Goettel.

Missing Sentient: Male Human, responds to the name of Bastion Drangle.

Info on any of the sentient beings locations, after verifactions made will be greatly rewarded.

Important Notice: This site is the character platform of Sir Appan Parsu K.R. who exists only in the Star Wars universe of the SWCombine. To interact with this character, either in game or in Written Role-Play you must be a member of the SWC.

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