Sir Appan Parsu; the man in the suit



Early years

Born in year -25, just before the clone wars started! Appan grew up on Alderaan at the family run Nerf farm, of which both parents ran the family venture. It was a small contributed from their Nurf herds to the galaxy wide Nurf Burgers chain. To which Sir Appan's elder brother followed their parents into the family business. During his school years Sir Appan's attitude to learning was rather lacking, he‘d been much more interested in sports and girls and later, partying. And once he could afford and pilot one, swoop bikes. One such girl was Ishta Marsha also an Alderaanian, a seasons younger than Sir Appan. They had been at college together, Ishta had been the head cheerleader for the Shockball team, Sir Appan had been one of the forward players for the team. But their relationship did not start until Sir Appan had a swoop bike accident which took him out of the team for two seasons. They were an on and off couple through out their college and Aldera University, until they married in -Y7 D124, aged just 17. But their career choices took them in entirely different directions. Sir Appan pursued his new interests of history, while Ishta entered services as a lawyer! From there on their relationship became strained, and distant due to Sir Appan leaving Alderaan to study with the Alderaanian Cultural Exchange (ACE). Finally their relationship was all but non-existence so they split up and went their separate ways.

Wandering years

Sir Appan last two seasons of University he turned his attention to academics, mainly history, the arts and religions. He was to be among a small group of students who studied the ruins of Dantooine, in which he became fascinated with the Jedi Order. He was to learn all that he could from the Aldera University about them, requesting on numerous occasions to the Jedi Order to be allowed to enter their archives. Been denied this he, over the years visit museums, libraries, as well as from second/third hand experiences of the Jedi around the galaxy. Seeing that not all sentient beings in the galaxy consider the Jedi as a good force! He was to store these interviews and gathered information of the Jedi history on numerous recording devices. After leaving the University he joined the Alderaanian Culture Exchange scheme, which was for University leavers. Sir Appan travelled to many worlds studying their cultures, and history, as well as joining several archaeological digs. Two major visits, where his first to Cathar, in which he became involved with a female Cathar, who’s father challenged Sir Appan to the ritual “Blood Hunt!” Only aged nineteen, he was thrust into a Kiltik nest with only a primitive weapon, that was curved, two handed, having a set of two blades on each side. During which he sustained several injuries and broken bones, most visible is the scare above his right eye. Most of all he was to gain the respect of the Cathar people, being one of very few outsiders to partake in the ritual. For this, and on returning home to Alderaan he was cautioned! Returning to his old Swoop bike stomping grounds and his old friends to party and generally slide back to his ’boy racer’ ways. Rekindled his vices, alcohol, cigars, Parties and women! It was then he meet Leia a exotic dancer from Courscant, who‘d travelled to Alderaan to change her life!

At the age of twenty-one he and Leia travelled to Kashyyyk to study the Wookiee culture, while under Professor Jamsha Raytor. Jamsha a fellow Alderaanian, renowned archaeologist and Wookiee specialist. Aged in her mid 50's with a short bob 'white' hair style. While there, Sir Appan studied their social structures and their love of technology working in harmony with nature, which rubbed off on him. He and the Professor stayed with the Wookiee family of Chai'luff for a year and a half which Leia stayed with the Vrieska clan, which was a smaller unit of the same family. Sir Appan was to enjoy studying their language known as Shyriiwook, even though he did not completely master it! During this time he became great friends with the youngest member of the family Chai'luff (Youngest, but still older that Sir Appan, as the Wookiee was 45). His full name was Kollartin Chai'luff, and he helped Appan to learn the complex language as best that his humanoid throat would allow. As the end of Sir Appan, Leia and Jamsha visit came, the family elder Nosscottaa was to present Sir Appan with a traditional Bowcaster. In each case, they are crafted with the user in mind, but this one was made for Nosscottaa’s own grandfather! Thus its energy array is encased in a carved wood body from the great Wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk. For Sir Appan to used it, it was adapted, else the fact that it was made with a Wookiee in mind, Sir Appan would have never be able to ‘cock’ it!

Again they returned to Alderaan, this time soon to be parents, coursing his personal studies of the Jedi waned, they needed to start working to pay their way. At the city of Nc’Taan while Sir Appan found some work as a bouncer and helping at a speed repair shop. Later getting a well paid job at the spaceport maintaining small freighters to progress to CR-70 or CR-90’s. Leia returned to her prior career as a exotic dancer, although still married to Ishta (As their marriage didn’t produce children and they had not cohabited for more that a year and a half, it was considered, by galactic law to be a annulment), Sir Appan married Leia in -Y5 D310. They were give the chance in Y0 to travel to Kamino through ACE, which the did with their three year old son. While Leia and their son returned to Alderaan Sir Appan went on to the second part of the package, to Geonosis before returning to Alderaan, and back to his spaceport job. While on Geonosis he purchese a YG-4210 named the Star Curve, to keep it housed at the spaceport he worked at. Originally he was looking into starting a goods transport business but it never got off the ground.


Taste for the Bounty

On his return during the later part of Y6 he was called upon for a new ‘job’ via the spaceport, that needed his ‘expertise’ in Shyriiwook the Wookiee language. Plus weapons experience and his skills in martial arts and melee weapons. Been given some old body armour from his employer, and told to arm himself! He later learned that he was to be apart of a mercenary/bounty hunting team of five sentient beings. The mark was a Barabel, a extremely dangerous one at that. Who was working with a mercenary group that was run by Wookiees! The group itself was not under suspicion, but it was the Barabel’s involvement with killings and credit stealing from Purple Dawn. A year before the team was formed, two bounty hunters had gone after him alone, neither returned and were later found dead by the team! It was this that gave Sir Appan a taste for bounty hunting! He was soon offered a senior position in Purple Dawns army, becoming their Commanding Chief of the army. His actual rank was a Major during his time at Purple Dawn, until squabbling broke out among their council members. Sir Appan promptly left in late Y7, returning to the spaceport job on Alderaan.

Fitting in

Some years passed in which Sir Appan, after cut backs at the spaceport took on several more bounties/ mercenary job’s and private investigations before seeing an advert, to join the Falleen Federation, which he did so in Y7 D278. Once becoming a Cadet in the Falleen Navel, rising quickly through the ranks to the position he is today (Commander). Although he still likes to frequent the local bars while on shore leave. But on his return, he received an urgent distressed communiqué from his old Cathar sweet heart, Winnie Ranca. He was to aid her escape from a slave merchant Lord Slaiss. In his attempted rescue he was able to free several slaves from Lord Slaiss, getting them aboard the Star Curve. While Winnie took ten others on Slaiss's favourite vessel, the Dicksy! An Ubrikkian Luxury Space Yacht. While the Star Curve escaped, the Dicksy was not to get far, having no one with experience of using ships weapons they were sitting ducks. Slaiss's had ordered capture and return or destroy, of which his men went for the latter.

Sir Appan returned to Falleen space, ship in desperate need of repair and morning the loss of a very close friend! It coursed his drinking habits to spiral out of control, getting him into several fights. Landing him in the cooler several times, until he was ejected from the Falleen Navy and went into civil survive, working for the Department of Engineering. Not only did it affect his working life but his family life too. Wife Leia noticed the difference in Sir Appan during the month’s that followed after Winnie’s death, due to two further death in the family, his father and cousin. He became distant form her and the boy’s while looking for work outside of the Navy. While here he was able to clear his head and get control of his life again after nine months. During this time rehabilitate himself, he picks up some old interests, tinkering with ships, weapons, archaeology and frequenting drinking establishments it never seemed to be enough.  

The Trial

Things were to all change in Y10 D225, while still working for the DoE. Sir Appan work and lived away from his home on Falleen, and away from his young family. Although he was on the road to recovering from his grief, he still frequented the tavern that was on board the Iktotch space station. At this tavern he found comfort in Noami Faytonni a orange Twi’lek. Noami was an old friend of Leia’s, she drifted from her about the time that Sir Appan and Leia became an item. Noami lived and worked on Iktotch’s space station as a liaison officer. Although still keeping close with his family Sir Appan’s career kept him in the Iktotch system, much to Leia’s annoyance. Having already threatened to divorce him soon before their third son’s birth! A threat that never saw the light of day as Leia died on D251 in Y10. At first, it was thought that Sir Appan had killed her! As her untimely death came about during one of Sir Appan’s shore leaves, he was accused of stabbing her by neighbours. But, after a large scale investigation, Sir Appan was cleared, CCTV evidence showed that Sir Appan had been chasing the assailant, who’d escaped. Finger prints on the knife were not Sir Appan’s and that the finger prints were from a know criminal. Her knife wounds allow would not have killed her outright, unfortunately Leia had underlining heart issues, dieing from a major heart attack on route to the hospital.

With three children to look after and a engineering career in hand, Sir Appan sort advices from not a expected source. His first wife, Ishta, who almost immediately divorced Sir Appan claiming that she’d never filed for divorce as she had no clue to whether he was alive or dead! Unexpectedly Ishta stood as Sir Appan’s lawyer, and defended him in court, she even brought Sir Appan a psychiatric specialist for his well being. Seeming to be well on the road to recovery, Sir Appan returned to duty, taking control of his and his children’s lives.

Time Out

Sir Appan took extended LOA from his duties in the Falleen Federation submerged himself in several bounties, and on a chance meeting with several contacts he was to uncover the location of Leia’s killer. He returned to duty with the FF in a sporadic way, until he decided to retire for the Falleen Navy and return to his part time bounty hunting taking on a range of job’s from private body guard, private investigator, search and rescue pilot, an law enforcer, mercenary and of course, Bounty Hunter. In time he was to locate his old friends killer through slave ringer Tig Reggen, one of Lord Slaiss’s contact. Sir Appan imprisoned Tig at his own penitentiary in the Lexrol system, before going after Slaiss. Who now also resides in the same penitentiary. This seemed to help Sir Appan come to terms with the past four years, giving him a chance to 'heal' mentally and spiritually.

Answering the call

Y13 was the point in time that Sir Appan returned to the fold of the Falleen. His return was with mixed feelings as he looked for a job in which he would not be taking so much responsibility as been Secretary of the Navy. Sir Appan looked for something he could do while not interfering with his self-employed work! Despite not been a diplomat at heart, Sir Appan found that the ministry of state needed help. He stood to the challenge but unexpectedly was offered the position of Secretary of the Department of Social Development! He took the offer very seriously taking a month to think it over before giving his answer of yes. During his time heading the DoSD Sir Appan brought through two upcoming officers, in which he stepped down from office to hand over the departments rains to.


Been freed up from this Sir Appan returned to the Navy, he’d been in contact with several officers of the Navy learning that they were having difficulties. He sort to help his old calling, he was accepted as Deputy Secretary of the Navy in Y13 D212 by Fleet Admiral Sir Arthur von Minos K.R. Sir Appan was surprised by this as he assumed he would be brought back in to one of the TF’s, or hoped he would as he wished to forward the starfighter core feeling that in any battle it was the starfighters that would decide any battle. He also received his Admiral stars as this went hand in hand with the position of DSotN. Not that he would agree but he is possible the most experienced Naval man in the Navy to present date!


No more than a month later his continues work in the DoSD, even though he handed the rains over, brought him to the attention of Minister of State, Tihany Chrome. Who, via Admiral Jink Knwldg, who’d been instated as the Dean of IMA, requested Sir Appan’s help at the Academy with a view to train up as the next Dean! Sir Appan never was given any training and Jinks on been appointed as Deputy Minister of State made Sir Appan Dean!



The post of Dean was not really for Sir Appan, he was to step down from the post to concentrate of his role as the Deputy Secretary of the Navy. It had come to his attention that after a ‘War Game Scenario’ that the MoD had to train both Army and Navy officers. That the MoD was in fact unprepared due to the massive reshuffle that had happen just before the 'War Game Scenario' and even worse the Navy had not been keeping records or keeping protocols to a high standard! Appan began to wade through the mountains of virtual ‘paperwork’, at which point a galactic battle broke out in the Kira CW sector, in a small system known as Derra. Operation ComBeta was thrown into the lap of newly appointed Minister of Defence, Secretary of the Armies General Arc Dalton. Who turned immediately to the Navy for assistance. Sir Appan took charge of the Navies side of things without confrontation of the then Secretary of the Navy. It seemed obvious to Sir Appan to organize the Navies command under the Armies lead due to Arc been the new Minister of Defence.

Virus Hit

During the Derra campaign in which brought the Galactic Alliance together as a fighting force, Arc was to give Appan command over the FF’s ground troopers as Arc was elevated to Minister of Defence. Appan took it on himself to be on the front lines and to lead from the front, during which time he was to be elevated to Fleet Admiral and SotN by Minister Dalton. The battles across Derra raged on for several months, in which it seemed the entire known galactic governments and alliances fort for the systems control. It is unknown who was responsible yet strong evidence points to the Galactic Empire having realised a pathogen into the atmospheres of the systems planets! The Metamorphosis Virus was to course wide spread damage to DNA to all species that came into contact with it. Dependent of the species deeply affected the leave of damage to the subject. Appan was to fall to its affects but not before been dragged from his last battlefield on Derra! Appans injures where interfered with by the virus, as it would not allow his body to heal correctly. For a long time Appan was to rely heavily on med’s and his bandages to keep him free from infections and still does today!


Life moves on

Sir Appan joined the Trade Federation after retiring from his post in the Falleen Federation, due to been infected by the Derra Virus, which left him severely disfigured. During the months after retiring and joining the Trade Federation he was to travel to Kamino where he was given three procedures, first was cellular strip, which works on his DNA, the aim of the Kaminoan doctors was to attempt at removing Sir Appan of the Virus but there were unable to fully ride Sir Appans body of the Virus and so it lay's dormant with the possibility of it flaring up and changing Sir Appan like so many others around the Galaxy! The other two procedures were plastic surgery and epoch deceleration which both procedures were done on his face. Due to the horrendous condition that the Virus had left his facial features, the Kaminoan doctors also attempted to recreate his face from family holo's. They managed to give Sir Appan some 78% back, leaving only some deep scarring that the doctors couldn't completely remove.

All of this work that Sir Appan had upon his body, has given him a slight advantage which he was informed may happen, his body now ages slower than normal! The procedure Cellular stripping is the mean reason for the age slowing. Secondly the epoch deceleration has taken about ten/ fifteen years off of his age! Even though he is in his early forties, he looks little over early twenties.

Now member of the Defence Fleet Zeemacht, Sir Appan is one of many pilots for the first fleet of the Trade Federation Military. Although his title of knight of the Order of the Noblest Rukhar does not have any standing in the Trade Federations territories, nor does his clan title of Yar’borouh of Ienith Clan, he was quit happy to started from the academy, thus it gave Sir Appan the opportunity to prove his worth as he didn't wish to 'jump' the rank queue as it were! Starting at Crewman he raised quickly through to Chief Flight Sgt.


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