The Palace

The Palace, one of the top hotel resorts on Douglas IV in the Centrality sector. It provides a large number of rooms for all species sentient beings, please specify your needs on booking. With licenced bars, Sabacc, Pazaak tables and the famous Dejarik game. Large indoor and outdoor pools, a bowling ally, cycle paths around the Selneon Canyons.

Whether your looking for a quit weekend or to take the family away for a months R&R the Palaces is the place from you. It is spiting distace to the rest of the Douglas system were ruins are found almost all planets and moons here. Give the impressions that this system was once a centrepoint for a great civilisation that imploded upon itself. Dougles IV seems to be nothing more than an endless ocean of sand and hot sandstorms. Yet many ruins are scattered across the gas giant lay half uncovered.


Our Galaxy Address;

Sector: Vannell. System: Vannell (-72, 55)

Planet: Vannell IV. City: Quarry

The Wroshyr 

Named after the famous mighty Wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk, the Wroshyr Tavern provides a friendly atmosphere in which sentient beings from across the galaxy can meet. Known to hold host to multiple Sabacc and Pazaak games, it also keeps up to date with the Pod Races around the galaxy and Shockball tournaments.

We have a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including the largest range of Cognac's, Brandy's and Whiskey's with this sector. In the back of the Wroshyr Tavern is our resturant where our Besalisk chief brings gormay quisine from the five corners of the galaxy.


Our Galaxy Address;

Sector: Vannell. System: Vannell (-72, 55)

Planet: Vannell IV. City Position: Brinsdon

Tarkin Penitentiary 

The Tarkin Penitentiary, is one of the highest maximum security prisons within the Trax sector. It's services are only open to the governments of the Falleen Federation and Trade Federation, or their allies that do not conflict with the other federation or those within the Trax sector. We provide average accommodation for inmates, with a strict time table which they must adhear too. Prisoners are put to work in physical intensive jobs with in the Penitentiary itself. No Prisoner gets the chance to leave the walls until they have served their time, at Tarkin Penitentiary what ever their sentences is on their trial is what they will serve. There are no re-trials or time been shortened for good behaviour!

Our Galaxy Address;

Sector: Shadola. System: Skeebo.

 OrBeT Landing Pad

OrBeT Landing Pad is open to the public like most other landing pads. However this is the only landing pad in Murphy's Town IV, it provides the function in which a spaceport would be better placed. Yet due to it's size can only be called a landing pad, and therefore can only take so many space fairing vessels dispite its busy disposition.

Our Galaxy Address;

Sector: Emmo. System: Chamm.

Planet: Chamm II. City: Murphy's Town IV

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