Normally while planetside he is seen in his customized Corellian armoured Powersuit when planet side. Yet like any other sentient being to get about the galaxy he needs transport of one kind or another. If he is not using his jet pack to move across a planets tarrain he can be seen using his modified purple Skybird Racing Swoop.

His main space farring vessel is a purple and white YT-1300pf known as the Capercallie, which is heaverly customized and modified, with heavier shielding, more powerful engines both sub-light and hyperdrives. Also it's weaponary is some what much better than the standard YT-1300. However he has been know to use an array of different space farring vessel, one of which been a purple Firespray known as Lucid Blood another is a beat up old Modular Conveyor! But so far nothing bigger. He has used several types of starfighters, freighters and troop drop ships from time to time. Due to the fact that he uses so many different vessel that it is difficult to pin point his movements, yet it is a good guess that it is most likely he's traveling in the Capercaillie!

The Capercaillie
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