Attained during civilian life

Through his time with ACE he has an in-depth understanding of the Wookiee language Shyriiwook, and is able to speak the complex language, it is noted that due to his unusual vocal cords which produces his rich deep voice enables him to achieve this unlike most humaniods. He is also verse in Catharese, Huttese and of course his first language basic. He is a Nanadan (Kyoshi - 'teacher'/one below Master) in Melee weapons and hand to hand combat, something he and his brother started at an early age. As well as been pretty handy with a Bowcaster or Relby.

Course taken at ACE;

- Master of Advanced Study Alderaanian culture, sociology and history
- Master of Advanced Study Wookiee culture, sociology and history
- Basic and advanced Shyriiwook spoken language
- Master of Advanced Study Catharese culture, sociology and history
- Basic and advanced Catharese spoken and written language
- Basic Huttese language
- Bach of Philosophy
- Basic information technology training in: (Networking, Operating Systems, System Support, Programming)
- Basic vehicle maintenance
- Basic freighter maintenance

Skills gained through civilian life/courses;

- Basic and advanced unarmed combat training
- Basic and advanced armed combat training with a multitude of hand weapons (Projectiles and melee)
- First-aid training
- Basic and advanced navigation training (ground, air and space)
- Basic light and heavy airborne vehicle training
- Basic camouflage and concealment training in multiple environments
- Basic starfighter/freighter training
- Basic weapons maintenance training (Projectiles and melee)
- Advanced weapons maintenance training (Melee)
- Basic and advanced vehicle maintenance training
- Basic and advanced freighter maintenance training

Attained during service to Falleen Federation

Having been already an extremely skilled pilot before he joined the Falleen Federation, he went on to fly just about anything from a Y-Wing to MC 80b's and everything in between. Jokingly he's always said that it was due to all the computer simulator pilot games he'd played as a kid! Not only is he an excellent pilot, but his pretty handy with a toolkit or a crafting kit. Having some knowledge of basic first aid, city designs and also building.

Since been with the Falleen Federation;

- Basic combat medic training
- Basic and advanced military navigation training (ground, air and space)
- Basic and advanced reconnaissance mounted and dismounted
- Basic and advanced camouflage and concealment training in multiple environments
- Basic and advanced specialised field equipment (demolition/infiltration/search and rescue etc)
- Basic military communications training
- Basic and advanced starfighter/freighter training
- Basic and advanced frigate training
- Basic corvette training
- Basic capital ship training
- Basic and advanced weapons maintenance training (Projectile)
- Basic and advanced star ship Command
- Basic and advanced Command, Control of Military Operations
- Basic and advanced Command, Control and Intelligence of Warfare
- Basic and advanced Command, Control and Communication of Activities
- Basic and advanced Command, Control of Surveillance and Reconnaissance

The Powersuit

The powersuit comes in three main parts, the black body glove, aubergine armour plating and the aubergine helmet. The body glove is in itself a major component for Sir Appan’s comfort. It controls his body temperature and keeps him from the elements. The boots are part of the body glove, these are integrated into the armours and helmet network. This is so as the boots have a magnatomic adhesion sole and thus need power. Attached to the body glove are the seventeen individual armour plates, at the abdominal area are eight small black armour plating that are imbedded into the body glove.

The design of the powersuit is such that it give the illusion that he is unarmed, due to the cleverly incorporated weaponry. On closer inspection it will become obvious to the trained eye that he is armed with; two dark purple Relby K-23, two Phrik bladed sabres and two daggers. The sabre’s are a metre in length, tempered to give them a spine and their strength. Their hilt's are 30cm long dark purple grip. The scabbards are incorporated within the Armour Powersuit, which are designed to sharpens the blades edge every time they are removed. Attached to each boot are ornate daggers, in his left gauntlet is spring loaded retractable blade, that once released, runs the length of his forearm just past his elbow. This gauntlet also incorporates a sonic beam weapon. His right gauntlet incorporates projectile dart shooter and a whipcore thrower, the cord is strong enough to support Sir Appan and one other. The thrower has replenishing mini grapping hooks, at the most it can store three. The core itself comes in cartridges of fifty meter lines. He can when needed carry several explosive devices that are attached directly to the power suit. Additionally the suit has three anti-security blades, one located on his left ankle, another at his waist ant the third on his right shoulder; these sophisticated electronic instruments can defeat fence fields and tune out security cameras and other alarm systems by use of intense harmonic interference waves. Set higher, they can erase magnetic locks and give entry to nearly any door. Together they create a safe anti-security field for secret forced entries. In later years he added a heavily armoured jetpack to his arsenal, which allows him to evaded both rivals and opponents.

The Helmet

The helmets design is much like the rest of the powersuit, it is made to look fairly simple, with only a light located just above the visor been obvious. At it sides are it’s controls to detach, activate the light and polarize the visor. The visor lenses is polarized to change from clear to gold, the gold not only masks Sir Appan’s face but also the head’s up display on the inside of the visor. This display is a heads-up display (HUD), which is displayed on the inside of his helmets visor. The HUD provides Sir Appan with record video imagery from his helmet for later analysis, equipped with a multi-spectral imaging system that can penetrate smoke, fog, and other typical battlefield obstructions. In addition, featured information on the surrounding environment with GPS capabilities. The HUD also provided a rangefinder data capable of tracking up to 10 targets from a distance of 100 meters in a 180 degree sweep. The overlay also linked to Sir Appan’s jetpack systems to display fire vector and range data. The rangefinder can be deployed horizontally or vertically. The macro-binocular viewplate can be magnified up to 25 times allowing Sir Appan to see great distances, and is equipped with, among other things, an infrared scanner. The infrared scanner itself magnified light up to 50 times or displayed heat gradations.

The HUD's data streams can be controlled by eye movements and blinking. In addition, and with assistance from his ships computer, an advanced penetrating radar allowed his HUD to provide detailed information on nearby rooms, and can be used to scan the HoloNet and connect with databases, allowing him to perform tasks which would normally require a computer terminal, such as searching databases for individuals or even trading on the stock market and buying real estate, from anywhere that is accessible through the HoloNet. The helmet's broadband antenna is capable of intercepting, unscrambling and hack into comlink transmissions.


All though he welds his primary weapons that are incorporated into his powersuit, he also carries the Chai'luff Bowcaster. A traditional bowcaster that has it's energy array encased within a carved wooded body. This weapon has sentimental value as it was presented to Sir Appan by the Chai'luff family elder, Nosscottaa.

Other weapons include Thermal detinators, as well as a number of devices to aid him during missions undertaken.

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